Slash key in Excel

July 8, 2014 Leave a comment

It took me a while to find this so I decided to make an entry here in case anyone else runs across this problem.  I’m working on a spreadsheet for IP address management and have have a column for the CIDR.  /26 for example.  The problem is that as soon as you hit the / key  a bunch of letters pop up over the ribbon.  The same thing happens when you hit the Alt key.  To stop this click File | Options | Advanced and scroll all the way down to Lotus Compatibility and you’ll see Microsoft Excel menu key.  Remove the / in that box and click OK.  Now you can type a / in a cell without the keyboard menu popping up.

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Enable console messages on vty lines

July 1, 2014 Leave a comment

I always have a hard time finding this.  Every once in a while I’d like to see the console messages when I’m remotely managing a switch via SSH (or Telnet).  The command is simply “terminal monitor”.  This only lasts for the current session but that isn’t a big deal.

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Duplicate MAC addresses in Hyper-V

May 1, 2014 Leave a comment

We had some strange, seemingly random, things happening in our environment lately, but have had a hard time tracking down what was going on. We run a Hyper-V environment consisting of 3 host servers in a failover cluster with Server 2008R2 and an iSCSI SAN. The other day I noticed we were running out of room on our PRTG server (virtualized). When I initially created that server and setup PRTG I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into the configuration and just installed everything using defaults. The default setting puts all the data on the C drive. To fix this I created a new volume on the SAN, added two new network adapters to the PRTG server, configured everything and moved the data to the new volume. The next day we noticed a bunch of errors with iSCSI connections dropping on a different server. Read more…

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Cisco Jumbo frame setting

February 13, 2014 Leave a comment

Here is a little tidbit to remember. I was configuring a switch for a new iSCSI SAN install. To make it easier I was copying configuration settings from an existing SAN switch when I noticed there was nothing setting the Jumbo frames to 9000. I verified everything was ok on the production network by using ping, setting the size, and telling it not to fragment. I then used a show system MTU command and the switch shows Jumbo MTU set to 9000. I little searching online and I found that Cisco switches don’t store the Jumbo frame setting in the configuration file. Here is the quote from the Cisco documentation:

The system MTU setting is saved in the switch environmental variable in NVRAM and becomes effective when the switch reloads. Unlike the system MTU routing configuration, the MTU settings you enter with the system mtu and system mtu jumbo commands are not saved in the switch Cisco IOS configuration file, even if you enter the copy running-config startup-config privileged EXEC command. Therefore, if you use TFTP to configure a new switch by using a backup configuration file and want the system MTU to be other than the default, you must explicitly configure the system mtu and system mtu jumbo settings on the new switch and then reload the switch.

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Reminder of the incandescent light bulb ban

November 24, 2013 2 comments

Just a quick reminder to pickup whatever stock you think you might need.  Reference this post

I was just at the store and there are no 100W or 75W bulbs to be found.  Good supply of 60W for now.

I’ve gone to LED for the can lights in the kitchen and they work great.  There is a fraction of a second delay between turning on the switch and the light coming on, but they come on at full brightness so I can deal with that.  Slowly working on replacing all the CFL flood light bulbs with LEDs.  LED prices are still too high for all the fixtures in the house so I’ve stocked up with a supply that should last about a decade.  By that time the price should be better, or I will have won the lottery :)

Printer supply monitoring with SNMP and PRTG

August 30, 2013 1 comment

I finally found a simple to use but very powerful network monitoring package. All I wanted was something like MRTG to tell me how much bandwidth was being used on our WAN links. Because of our strict security requirements we were not allowed to use MRTG. I stumbled across PRTG Network Monitor and it worked perfectly for showing network bandwidth. After digging through it a bit more I found that it could do much more. I am now using it to monitor all the hardware on our network. From routers and switches to servers and SANs. Today I was able to configure monitoring for all our printers, including toner levels. The hardest part with the printers was finding the correct MIBs. Hopefully this post will help the next person. Read more…

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Outlook 2010 show picture placeholders

May 3, 2013 7 comments

This little setting cost me a few hours of time. I have no idea how it got messed up but I have the fix. The problem is e-mails wouldn’t show images, only boxes where the image is supposed to be. It took me just a few minutes to find the setting. With a message open click File -> Options -> Editor Options… -> Advanced -> Show picture placeholders. So I uncheck the box and the pictures show up in the e-mail. All is good until the next day when I start Outlook again and the setting is checked again. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get the setting to stay unchecked. Well here is the fix. Read more…

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