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Premature failure of light bulbs

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you ever had a certain light fixture in your home where light bulbs constantly burn out? I do, and this is a newer home built in 2003, so I went looking for an answer. As a prior electrician I was thinking about all kinds of things like loose grounds or neutrals, overvoltage, etc… But a quick Google search revealed that it just might be the nut behind the keyboard (me). One post revealed that screwing in the light bulb too tight will deform the middle conductor in the fixture and cause a poor connection. This could result in mini arcs of electricity which essentially turn the bulb off and on causing a shortened lifespan. Read more…

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Rip off repairmen

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment

About a month and a half ago the master bath shower developed a slow leak.  After 2 weeks I’d had enough of listening to the incessant drip and looked into fixing it.  I found plenty of information on the web and it looked like a royal pain to replace the innards so I broke down and called a plumber.  The next day the plumber showed up.  One of the things this company does is to check the water pressure which was at 90psi.  He indicated that is was too high and may be contributing to the early failure of the faucet.  Next he went to the basement and pointed out the pressure regulator adjustment bolt was all the way in meaning the regulator can’t be adjusted further and should be replaced.  He wrote up the pricing to fix the faucet ($289) and the cost to replace the regulator ($497). Read more…

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