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DAC SportSafe instructions

May 27, 2012 80 comments

I had a gun safe in the trunk of my car for the last few years but now I’m getting ready to trade it in.  I removed the safe and figured it was a good time to change the batteries.  Of course I should have found the manual first but in this internet age I didn’t think there would be any problems finding it online.  Well, much to my surprise the manual is no longer available on the manufacturers web site.  I was able to pull down a couple pages by visiting the way back machine but that wasn’t enough.  After much searching I found a forum post where a guy posted his e-mail address if anyone needed the instructions.  I figure I’ll post the basics here for easy access.  A big thanks goes out to Calvin who sent me the pdf!

Update:  A reader found the instructions online.  They are located here:

Many thanks to Jeff who found this.

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R310 won’t boot or post after memory upgrade

May 3, 2012 8 comments

Upgrading server memory can be can be painful at times.  This all started when we upgraded our existing R710 servers to 96GB RAM.  This left us with a box of DDR3 4GB 2Rx4 DIMMs (crucial, not Dell).  The following year it was time to replace some remote servers running a read-only domain controller, print server, and patch distribution point.  I specified R310 servers with an X3470 processor and just 1GB RAM.  I figure when we get the servers, I’ll pull the 1GB stick and install 4, 4GB sticks so we can run each function in its own virtual machine.  A couple months later and we finally get the servers and I pass the task of getting the base OS installed to a co-worker.  We box them back up and ship them out to the remote locations.  Two guys go out to install them and get a not enough memory error when trying to create the first virtual machine.  It took me a few minutes to realize what when wrong, but luckily it was before I sent a scathing e-mail to procurement accusing them of messing up my order.  I boxed up the 4GB sticks of memory and shipped them out next day AM delivery. Read more…

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