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Beware the DMS59 connector on a video card

June 7, 2012 6 comments

A while ago one of our team mentioned noticeable differences between his two monitors.  One was using DVI via a display port to DVI adapter and the other was connected with a VGA cable.  Because I know hardware is cheap and people are expensive I purchased some dual DVI video cards for our workstations.  These were purchased from the workstation manufacturer and are the half height cards needed for our small form factor systems.  They came in today and one of the team started installing it along with a dual DVI KVM.  The cards are ATI Radeon 6350 DMS59 cards that have a single DMS-59 connector with an adapter that splits the DMS-59 into two DVI connections.  For some reason he couldn’t even see the BIOS boot screen.  Hearing the problems one other person on the team and I gave suggestions as we went about our work.  Things like reconnecting the display port and going into the BIOS to disable the on-board video.  About 2 hours into this I decided to help out and started methodically going through troubleshooting steps.

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