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Can rotation

Something I’m bad about is rotating canned goods. After looking around I found a company that sells some cardboard ones here: http://canorganizer.com/ I also found some made of plastic and full blown metal ones here: http://www.thrivelife.com/food-rotation-systems   I wanted something strong but didn’t want to spend a ton of money either so I came up with my own plan.

I still have a couple more to make. For anyone else who has some woodworking skills and wants to make some the plans I used are all included below with lots of pictures.

I used ½” MDF for the sides, top, bottom and front. And I used ¼” MDF for the shelf. I’m sure other materials will work just as well. I used a router to make the rabbits and dados with ½” and ¼” bits. A little bit of glue and narrow crown stapes holds everything together. The shelf just slides in place. Make sure you put in the triangle kicks in the back before assembling.

Here is the plan. Total depth is 17.5″ which is perfect for the selves I have in the basement. You could adapt these for 12″ shelves but they would only hold 6 cans.

Here is one of the side pieces showing the rabbits and dados which are all ¼” deep.

Here is a picture of the inside. Notice the triangle kickers in the back bottom. These prevent cans from getting stuck by forcing it forward before another can traps it from above.

Adjust the width as needed to account for different size cans. This one is a one-off for 4″ cans. I had to make it 1″ taller and adjust the shelf ½” up. Plus the shelf had to be shorter.





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