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Parts so you can fix it instead of replacing it

There are some things that just can’t be fixed.  Usually because the device was never meant to be repaired.  But you can find parts for many durable goods but it’s not always easy.  In my case it is a corded drill and a gas grill.  I found my neglected 1/2″ corded drill out in the shed and decided it needed some help.  The first thing was a bunch of electrical tape around the cord.  I wrote down the model and serial number and found a great site for tool parts.  It is eReplacementParts. I found the cord and the cord protector.  After ordering I looked at what other parts they might have and came across Weber Grill parts.  My 2003 Weber Genesis grill is showing its age but still working great except for a broken caster and a finicky igniter.  This was an expensive grill back in 2003 and I’d like to keep it running.  First I needed the model number.  That took a while, but I finally found it behind the tank.  Well that number isn’t on the eReplacementParts site so I start digging around the Internet and found a couple useful pages at the Weber site.  First a page that makes it easier to find your serial number and then a way to find the schematic along with the model number here.  That gave me a good model number that eReplacementParts had and a bunch of parts that they have in stock.  They also have parts for lots of other things like exercise equipment, appliances, lawn equipment; you get the idea.  Now that I think about it, there is the dead Dyson vacuum in the garage, I think.

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