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Garage Mod Part 2 – Lights!

Back in late 2014 I did my first garage mod by connecting a door sensor to a Raspberry Pi single board computer, so I would get an e-mail if the door was left open more than 5 minutes.  You can read more about that one here.  Since then I’ve made 2 more mods that I’d like to share.

This mod is adding more lights.  I find that as I get older I need better light.  This is pretty simple; just put some more outlets on the ceiling connected to the light switch and hang some fluorescent shop lights.  I already had one shop light above the work bench but the light output wasn’t sufficient, plus the output tends to get worse as it gets cold in the winter.  My solution to this was to use 5000 Kelvin LED lights.  The 5000 Kelvin refers to the color of the light, which in this case is a very white light vs the normal soft white (yellowish) light bulbs.  And LED lights are not affected by the temperature.  I picked up some shop lights from the local big box store.  In this case I used Lithonia Lighting Model 1233 because of its low price here.  It’s made for T12 bulbs but that doesn’t matter because I’m going to remove the ballast anyway.  Then I picked up T8 LED tubes here.  The result is a nice bright garage!


With 4 dual light fixtures I have plenty of light.  Next time I’ll share the third mod I’ve made to the garage.  I need to get pictures and schematics ready first.

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