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iOS 9.3 verify failed

March 29, 2016 Leave a comment

So apparently Apply has really messed up this update.  When corporate told me it was time to update, after they tested it of course, I tried to do the update.  When it was verifying the update it would error out with the message that I was no longer connected to the Internet.  Well after a few days of that error and multiple reboots I went looking on the net.  It appears that Apple had a huge problem with iOS 9.3 on “older” devices like my 5C (first mistake).  When they realized the problem they pulled the patch and programmed the Internet connection error for those devices that already downloaded the update (second mistake).  Yesterday they put up a fixed version but kept the same 9.3 version (third mistake).

The way to fix this is to go into storage, manage storage and delete the downloaded 9.3 update.  Then go back to settings and tell it to update.  It will pull down the new 9.3 and all is good except I’ve read that there are a bunch of problems with 9.3 so they will be coming out with a patch soon.  What a mess.

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Scroll lock lives

March 18, 2016 Leave a comment

I was doing some drawing updates using Visio yesterday and noticed that I couldn’t move a selected shape using the arrow keys.  I figured it was just some configuration in the file and I’d try to figure it out later.  This morning I’m working in Excel and notice that the arrow keys scroll the window instead of moving to another cell.  A quick google search revealed it was caused by scroll lock being on.  Yep; and now I remember I was cleaning my keyboard yesterday and must have inadvertently hit that key.

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