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Reminder of the incandescent light bulb ban

November 24, 2013 2 comments

Just a quick reminder to pickup whatever stock you think you might need.  Reference this post

I was just at the store and there are no 100W or 75W bulbs to be found.  Good supply of 60W for now.

I’ve gone to LED for the can lights in the kitchen and they work great.  There is a fraction of a second delay between turning on the switch and the light coming on, but they come on at full brightness so I can deal with that.  Slowly working on replacing all the CFL flood light bulbs with LEDs.  LED prices are still too high for all the fixtures in the house so I’ve stocked up with a supply that should last about a decade.  By that time the price should be better, or I will have won the lottery 🙂


Incandescent light bulb ban

September 24, 2011 5 comments

The start of the ban is almost here in the US.  It starts on Jan 1 2012 with a ban on 100 watt bulbs.  Then 75 watt bulbs on 1 Jan 2013 followed by 60 and 40 watt bulbs on Jan 1 2014.  Specialty bulbs are exempt though.  Light bulb manufacturers are coming up with alternatives but they are getting mixed reviews.  Personally, I’m going to stock up a little bit and hope that LED bulbs drop in price to a reasonable level soon.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia page

And a link to the government FAQ

And before someone starts flaming me; I do use CFL bulbs in some parts of my house, but in certain areas I want instant light.