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Breville vs. Cuisinart K-Cup Brewers

March 20, 2011 39 comments

Update – New post about why these brewers may be failing (2/4/2012)

Update at the end of the post (7/10/2011)

I’ve been using K-Cup brewers for about 18 months now, and having personally owned both the Breville BKC700XL and the Cuisinart SS-700, I thought it might be helpful to post a comparison of them. The first brewer I purchased was the Breville and I loved it. About 6 months ago it started to fail by refusing to brew. In retrospect I probably should have changed the filter more often, because we have pretty hard water (109 ppm). About 4 months ago I picked up the Cuisinart brewer for a couple reasons; it was $50 cheaper and we already have a bunch of Cuisinart appliances in the kitchen so it would fit in nicely. I now only use filtered water from the refrigerator in addition to changing the brewer filter more often in hopes of it lasting longer. Read more…

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