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Change SATA mode from IRRT to AHCI

January 4, 2011 2 comments

So I got a new laptop for work. It’s a Dell E6510. First thing I did was to replace the hard drive with a Momentus XT hybrid drive. It would have been nice to go with an SSD but to get the amount of storage I need would have cost too much. Next was a clean install of Windows 7 64bit along with all the applications, sysadmin tools, development tools, etc… The one thing I forgot to do was to verify all the bios settings. When I got around to that I noticed that the SATA was set to RAID. This is for the Intel IRRT which allows you to connect an external drive and have it configured as RAID 1 for a rapid restore if your hard drive dies. From what I’ve read this mode tends to slow the system down a little. But this post is not to discuss the pros and cons of IRRT. Read more…

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